Can I Contest a Parking Ticket if I Believe It Was Wrongly Issued?

Finding a place to park in any town requires patience, and returning to your car to find a ticket can be very frustrating – especially if you were not parked illegally. Sometimes parking citations are wrongfully issued. The good news is you can contest any parking ticket, although you will have to go to court. A North Carolina traffic tickets defense attorney is a good person to have on your side.

Understanding Your Rights: Contesting a Wrongly Issued Parking Ticket

The law regarding parking tickets varies from state to state and from town to town. For instance, in Raleigh, you can appeal on two levels, the administrative review process or a hearing in court. Because of the variations in parking laws, it’s crucial to read the citation carefully and note any and all deadlines, and how to go about appealing. In most instances, you will have to go to court. Arguing for yourself is usually not successful, so hiring an attorney is important.

The Importance of Gathering Evidence for Your Disputed Parking Claim

Any successful argument in front of a judge will include the introduction of evidence to prove your case. Whether or not you retain an attorney this evidence will be important. 

Here are some ways to gather evidence:

  • Before moving your car, take photos of it from several different angles
  • Talk to business owners who have stores near where you parked and find out if citations are issued there often for the same offense
  • If the citation involves something else, for instance, a fire hydrant, take photos of the hydrant
  • Signage related to your parking spot should definitely be photographed because sometimes it’s confusing or vague
  • If you had someone in the car with you, ask if they will appear as a witness on your behalf
  • If you were supposed to move your car and it wouldn’t start you will need a repair bill and /or an affidavit from a mechanic so that you can prove the car was inoperable

If you take photographs or any documents to court, get them printed out, and keep a set for yourself. 

Navigating the Process of Contesting a Parking Ticket in North Carolina

It’s important to understand the local law or ordinance that you allegedly violated. Often that will be on the ticket. Google the ordinance or statute and read it carefully. 

Make sure you show up for the court hearing on the assigned date and time because if you don’t, you will likely lose the case, and you may end up paying more in fines. If you’ve hired an attorney it’s more likely the hearing will get postponed and you will have more time to build a defense.

Whatever you choose to do, pay the parking fines if ordered to do so. Unpaid fines can add up to more serious consequences in many jurisdictions.

How to Hire a North Carolina Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney for Your Case

There are many strategic advantages to hiring a defense attorney. An attorney is your best protection from being hit with a hefty fine due to a parking citation. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys often know judges and court clerks and they can smooth the entire process for you. Even if you end up having to pay a fine, an attorney will likely be able to get it reduced. Contact us today if you are ready to fight an unfair ticket.