Will My Insurance Rates Go Up?

The first thought that pops to mind when you see those lights flashing in your review is always, ‘will my insurance rates go up?’ It’s the last thing you need on your plate, right? Many people feel like trying to fight a ticket is an uphill battle. That can be true. But, trying to contest any traffic citation is always more likely to be successful if a North Carolina traffic ticket defense attorney is on your side.

Understanding the Link Between Traffic Violations and Insurance Rates

Traffic violations can significantly impact your car insurance rates. When insurance companies assess risk, they consider your driving history to determine how likely you are to file a claim. Here’s how different violations may affect your insurance costs:

  • Speeding Tickets: Typically, a minor speeding ticket might increase your rates slightly, but repeated offenses or speeding in a school zone can lead to higher increases.
  • DUI/DWI: These are among the most serious violations. A DUI conviction can double or even triple your insurance rates, as you’re seen as a high-risk driver.
  • Running Red Lights: This violation shows a disregard for road safety, leading to moderate increases in insurance premiums.
  • Accidents: At-fault accidents usually result in significant rate increases. However, the impact might be lessened if you have a no-claims bonus or accident forgiveness.

Insurance providers use this information to adjust your premiums accordingly. By maintaining a clean driving record, you not only ensure your safety and that of others but also keep your insurance costs manageable. Engaging in safe driving practices is essential not just for your physical well-being but also for your financial health.

How Much Will My Insurance Go Up?

When you receive a speeding ticket in North Carolina, you might be surprised to learn how much it can affect your car insurance rates. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Average Increase: Drivers in North Carolina typically see their insurance rates increase by about 48% after a speeding ticket.
  • Cost Comparison: The average annual cost for full coverage jumps from $1,705 to $2,520.
  • National Context: This increase is significantly higher than the national average, where rates typically rise by 21% following a speeding ticket.

Understanding the significant increase in insurance rates after a speeding ticket in North Carolina, hiring a traffic ticket defense attorney can be a strategic choice. An attorney can help challenge the ticket, potentially reducing charges or achieving dismissal, which can prevent steep insurance rate hikes and preserve your driving record.

How Insurance Companies Decide Your Rate Increase

When it comes to setting your car insurance rate after a traffic ticket, insurance companies look at two main things: how serious your traffic ticket was, and what your driving record looks like. Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • How Serious is the Violation? Small mistakes, like going a little over the speed limit, might not bump up your rate by much. But big mistakes, like driving under the influence or causing a crash, can make your insurance much more expensive. This is because more serious violations mean you’re riskier to insure.
  • Your Driving History: If you’ve been a safe driver with no tickets for years, your insurance might not go up as much after your first ticket. But if you have a history of tickets, expect to see bigger rate increases.

In short, insurance companies raise your rates based on how risky they think it is to insure you. The safer you drive, the less you might have to pay.

Why You Should Seek Help From a North Carolina Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney Now

If you’ve gotten a speeding ticket in North Carolina, reaching out to a traffic ticket defense attorney right away can really help. An attorney can guide you through your options, working to lower or possibly even dismiss your ticket. This can keep your insurance costs from skyrocketing and help maintain a clean driving record. With expert legal help, you can handle this situation more smoothly and effectively. Don’t let a speeding ticket throw you off track—contact our office today for a consultation.