Jaheim Webster winner of scholarship with attorneys

The Places Jaheim Will Go

This is the time of year when typically, bookstores cannot keep Dr. Seuss’s iconic and timeless tale Oh, the places You’ll Go on the shelves.  They are, for good reason, a go to gift for a young high school graduate setting out to face adulthood and all the peaks and valleys that come with “growing up.”  Who knows if the Covid-19 pandemic is impeding sales like it is impeding everything else (someone certainly does know this)?  What is clear is that more than hearing about the places we will go these days, we hear about places we physically can’t go (at least for the near future…and also for good reason).  One such place is a gathering of friends and loved ones at high school gyms, fields, or commons for graduation ceremonies.  This pandemic hits us all, but for children and young adults crossing from one rite of passage to the next in short succession, the pandemic denies (or attempts to) some of the most meaningful times of a life.  But for someone like Jaheim Webster, the pandemic is just another small blip on the arch of a young man propelling towards hard fought, well-earn success.

So who is Jaheim? Jaheim is the first recipient of the Greene Wilson Crow Scholarship.  He will be a graduate of New Bern High School, Class of 2020, and is headed off to UNC-Charlotte (with more college credits than most juniors have).  He is a young man dedicated to community service and academics, all while maintaining employment, a magnetic personality, and perfect hair.  Jaheim is someone who has overcome adversity throughout his life through perseverance, fortitude, and a genuine, positive attitude.  We at Greene Wilson Crow & Crow are so proud of Jaheim, and honored to, in this small way, help all of his dreams come true.  He is going places (pandemic be damned) and we expect you will hear more about him, on this BLOG and beyond!